Owners Bios

ISE Head shot 2011Robert Younghanz, a.k.a The Bug Guy, is an internationally known Aquatic Entomologist, Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor.   Robert has been involved in the Fly Fishing industry for close to 20 years. Having traveled to over 60 countries, he is an accomplished angler, teacher and guide for fresh, salt, tropical and warm water species. His passion and expertise in the field of Aquatic Entomology has enabled him to travel the world collecting Insects, as well as studying, researching, curating and teaching at Colorado State University, Front Range Community College and the Florissant Fossil Beds Seminar Series through Adams State University.  Robert has been a guest lecturer across the Western United States on the topic of Aquatic Entomology and is a Master Fly Fishing Instructor.  As a contributing writer to Field and Stream’s “Fly Talk” with “The Bug Guy” Robert offers helpful advice on entomology and fly selection to fly fishers all over the globe. Also look for Robert’s regular article:  Hatch Happening: With The Bug Guy featured in Trout Magazine in every issue.    Robert is a Simms Ambassador and Orvis Endorsed Guide and has conducted entomology classes for both Simms and Orvis guides at their national gatherings, as well as for Trout Unlimited and other local organizations across the country.  Look for Robert on World Fishing Network, The Fishful Thinker, on Altitude Sports, on ESPN Radio and in Rick Takahashi’s new book,  Modern TerrestrialsBe sure and check out Robert’s nationally best selling 2 set DVD:  The Bug Guy:  Entomology For The Fly Fisher.  For more information go to Robert’s website:   www.the-bug-guy.com


Neil Luehring Neil Luehringbegan his involvement in fly fishing at the age of 14 when he started working with a family friend, Letha Howarth, who was a professional fly tier. He worked with her for four years learning the techniques and fly patterns of the Howarth family that dated back to the 1860’s when Letha’s father-in-law was an apprentice of the trade in England. Neil’s father was a Colorado Springs firefighter and he would tie flies and sell them to the firefighters to support his fishing habit. At age 18 he taught his first fly tying classes through the Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Department. He eventually began teaching fishing classes for them for several years. In the early 1970’s he worked for General Fishing Tackle in Colorado Springs until he left that position to tie flies full time. In 1979 he joined the CSFD and worked for them as a Firefighter, Paramedic, Lieutenant, and Captain. He retired in 2011 after 32 years of service. Neil remained an active fly fishing instructor and tier during his fire service career.

When the Angler’s Covey opened its doors in 1983 Neil began working for them as an instructor for fly tying, rod building, and several different fishing classes. He has maintained that relationship with the Angler’s Covey and still teaches, guides, and tie flies for them today

Neil is a certified American Heart Association BLS Instructor and teaches all of the first aid and CPR classes for the guides at the Covey. He also owns and operates Outdoor Medical Resources, a small company that provides training and first aid kits tailored to the outdoor industry.